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Read the spellbinding true story of how a then 15-year-old motherless child survives the pits of the New Orleans Superdome during the storm of the century: Hurricane Katrina. Growing up with only her grandparents, making ends meet in the city was anything but easy. Faced with the certainty that her Crescent City home would never be the same, Tyierra alongside her grandparents attempt to push through stretched days and scorching nights to survive. They were trapped in the arena with thousands of NOLA natives all surrounded by depression, food shortages, and certain death with no immediate government assistance in sight.


The teenage girl tries to drive past the misery of what was happening by connecting her battles of past homelessness, mental abuse, and hunger to her normal everyday life.   Her battles with being alone, constant teasing from peers, and the effects of feeling different throughout most of her childhood reflected highly on the many circumstances she found herself in as an adult. Although her upbringing is not something that can be bluntly recognized in her character today, her story is designed for an audience who has at some point felt that they weren’t good enough to make it out.


The Katrina survivor’s story will bring motivation, inspiration, and authenticity to dealing with real life issues while surrounded by counterfeit, monetary, and temporary situations.


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Tyierra Henderson Katrina "When God Closed His Eyes on New Orleans"


"I’m a novelist, blogger, screenwriter and leader with a passion for constructing words to make literary music."

Tyierra Henderson, a Louisiana native, enlisted in the US Navy in 2008 as an Information Systems Technician shortly after graduating from high school. Tyierra’s childhood, family gambling issues, and the effects of Hurricane Katrina storming in to New Orleans city limits in 2005 influenced her choices to join our country’s armed forces. Along with a number of other determinations to better our nation, Tyierra deployed to Columbia, South America in 2011 to assist in the efforts to reduce drug trafficking into the US.


During her nine years of enlistment and after experiencing an abusive relationship, Tyierra found herself facing the effects of PTSD. Despite the destruction of what was behind her, Tyierra made a promise to herself to take what was the leading cause of her tribulations and turn it into reason she would never give up.  


In 2014, Tyierra completed her Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication and her Master of Science in June 2017. Tyierra ensures she always betters her community and positively impacts lives across the country and around the world. Mrs. Henderson took on the role of Regional Director for the Borgen Project and represented  the organization in the Jacksonville, FL Congressional District to lobby for legislation that improves living conditions for those living on less than $1 per day in outside countries. She has also given time to Susan G. Komen, Ronald McDonald House Charities and is an advocate for Mariska Harigitay’s Joyful Heart Foundation. 


Tyierra was honored with the title as one of the top 10 women competing to be crowned as Ms. Veteran America, where female veterans are highlighted for more than just their sacrifice and courage for our country but that they are mothers, sisters, wives and daughters. The proceeds the women raised provided housing for homeless women Veterans and their children. 


Tyierra Henderson's efforts have achieved a number of honors. Her admirations includes the Hampton Roads, Virginia Chamber of Commerce Certificate of Excellence, two Navy Marine Achievement Awards, the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal, Washington DC Dunkin' Donuts Community Hero Award, and was nominated and selected for the Obama Administration White House Hosted “United State of Women.”  Tyierra is also a member of the Nonfiction Authors Association and the National Council of Negro Women. 


Tyierra now lives in Los Angeles, CA and is currently working towards getting her first screenplay on the silver screen. Tyierra likes to summarize her life’s belief with “My past was that of a nightmare. All the more reason why I am going to make my future, our future, a dream.”

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