5 Things Black Folks Must Stop Doing Right Now!

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

It's so rough out here for the black community. Every time I turn on the television, I see some of my people either being fatally shot or arrested. It's like we are at war with no end in sight.

But do you know what really grinds my gears more then the oppression we as a community are suffering through? When we are doing it to ourselves. I in no shape or form am giving "The Others" a pass on what they are doing to us, but I am saying there are things we are doing to ourselves that really make us look bad that we need to stop doing RIGHT NOW! Here are five things we need to fix like today!

Stop Turning Your Children Into...You (or your Baby's Daddy)

Oh but the little boys! If you women do not stop dressing your little baby boys like thugs in training, I'm personally going to start popping you all in the mouth. No more of this walking around Wal-Mart in a wifebeater, earrings and gold chains hanging from his neck with his Gucci shorts sagging for me to see what brand of diaper he's rocking. Put him in an Elmo shirt and Target shorts! Do not tell him he has "swag" when he can barely stand up to pee!

Our black women need to understand your son is not your baby's daddy! He. Is. Not. Your. Man! Stop telling him he's the man of the house at five! DO NOT put that responsibility on a child! Teach our young black boys how to grow into being strong and inspiring men one day but let them be a child for as long as they can be. So no more of this! Allow him the possibility of becoming better than what the world expects of him.

Oh and the little girls! I don't know about you, but I am sick and tired of seeing videos of little black girls in the middle of the room popping their saggy diapers while their uncles, cousins, grandpa, and grandma stand around and they mamma record it as they all cheer her on, "Go Pookie! Go Pookie!"

What the f**k are you thinking?! The only thing missing from this situation is a pole and a fist full of dollar bills. The ish really isn't cute and there are a couple problems here. The biggest issue for me, why do they know how to do these things? Your child is a product of their environment and you are their environment. Stop popping your ass in front of your children. Instead, read her a book! Stop allowing her to think that wiggling her backside is going to give her that attention she's going to be craving when she gets older because of all the attention she got as a child for doing the same thing. Teach her to love herself inside and out. Don't feel some kind of way when she's pregnant at 16. You can only blame yourself. This one isn't on poor pregnant Pookie.

Stop Arguing With The Police, PLEASE!

Now listen, I am all for the "Black Lives Matter" movement. So don't come for me. BUT stop arguing with the police. I know they are wrong for pulling you over. I know that you probably did nothing to justify the stop. Or even if you did something but you don't feel as if it is right. Stop yelling at them and being hostile! You are giving them more reason to shoot if black wasn't reason enough.

"What the hell did you pull me over for!?!" "Don't you pigs got something better to do?!" responses will only get you a fatter ticket, put in jail or a bed in intensive care. I know it is a scary situation and with our recent history with the boys in blue you really do not know how they will react. You have to stay calm or you will possibly put yourself in a worst situation. I personally try to make them feel comfortable when they approach my car by putting my hands on the wheel after rolling down all four of my car windows. I'm making sure they know "there are no AK-47s in my car so put your gat back on safety" and that I am not a threat. It is sad we have to do these things but you have to understand they don't know who they are pulling over "some" of the time and they are just as afraid as you are. There is a better way to respond if you feel you are wronged. Just see how Florida's first black elected state attorney, Aramis Ayala, handled it in a different way as she too was profiled and pulled over. Wrong or not, stop arguing with them and putting it on your IG live for people like Pookie to heart it! Can't count your views from a coffin.

Stop Leaving The House Wearing Hair Bonnets

"But Tyierra, bonnets help preserve the moister in my hair as I do my daily task and to be honest I should be able to wear what I want to wear!"

No... No you cannot. First, hair bonnets are meant to preserve moister while you sleep! I'm not making this up! It literally says in the description for the Stay On Satin Edge Bonnet that the "hair bonnet is made of a silk like material which is very smooth and breathable for long and durable use on pillow." PILLOW! And not to call y'all out or anything but what moi