A Cheat Sheet for the 2020 Presidential Race

I don’t mean to be blunt but… I want Trump GONE! He is not meant to run the Greatest Country in the world. I don’t usually express my political views in mixed company but enough is enough. This man has a list of offenses that were against him before he was even sworn into office. As hard as we have tried to wish him out of the oval, it’s not going to work. There is no impeachment in sight and he's not going to just resign. The only fight we have now is the next presidential election. But we can't wait until November 2020 to get ready. We have to pick the right nominee to beat the MAGA family now.

I am big on our community using our voting privileges. I know we as a people may not believe it, but our voices do matter! Sometimes, however, politics aren’t put in a way that some of us understand especially for those who are younger and it really does seem, well, boring. I’m here to help fix that flaw. First thing, it really isn't boring at all and at times can be really entertaining to watch. Now, I'm going to break it down so you all can understand exactly the issues some of my fav democratic candidates are running to resolve.


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Not Going to Lie, I Kinda Like Him Because He’s Gay

The reason why I became interested in the mayor of South Bend, Indiana at all was because he is openly gay. I know for sure what group of people Pete will always support and who's rights he is going to fight for. Being only 37-year-old, he is an Afghan War vet and has a big voice. He’s playing on the card of all of those he’s running against are “too old” and he wants to become the youngest president ever. I’m not mad at his goals. He’s broken records before being only 29 in 2011 when he won almost 75% of the vote to become the youngest mayor of a city of 100k citizens. He has a lot of support coming in from those who followed Obama during his term. While it’s not for sure he will win the nomination he’s in this fight for a reason. I personally think he won't win against Trump and may want to come back in 2024.


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I Bet She Smoked A Lot In College

Kamila Harris, is the strong half-Jamaican, half-Indian woman candidate this country needs but may not be ready for. This lady is all about her people being a first-term California senator. So much so, she announced her candidacy on January 21, MLK Jr. Day. Kamila supports sanctuary cities for people crossing the board, fixing the broken criminal justice system, Medicare for all, and the legalization of recreational marijuana (that’s the Jamaican in her). Kamala is one of a few who is in favor of giving reparations to people descended from slaves. She is also big on Gun Safety and background checks. She’s already stated she’s giving congress 100 days after being elected to get their act together before taking gun control in her own hands. She gets a lot of support from Mainstream Democrats, or New Democrats aka Hilary Clinton supporters, and aides. Will she win? Maybe, I love her stance, but she’s only been a part of Washington for a short time. It’s going to be a while before America is ready to accept someone like her in the seat of power especially up against Trump. She May have to try again in 2032.


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She’s The Friend Who Won’t Let You Get Jumped

Oh Elizabeth, senator from Massachusetts, she don’t play. I’m not sure if you ever see her politically chew someone out, but that Harvard Law School graduate always has her facts on point and you not gonna get over on her… never! She too wants to fight against inequality, and she wants to “shut the revolving door between Wall Street and Washington” so the economy can have a fighting chance. She is planning on taxing people who make over $50 mil a year a bit more to pay for universal education. Well it’s not going to hurt me! She is another democratic face who is liking the reparations to slave decedents as well. Those who liked Mr. Bernie in 2016 but were like me and didn’t think he would make it much longer are looking for her to push through. I’m not sure she will win this one, however. After that whole DNA test showed she barely has Native American heritage and she may have lied before about it to get better jobs, people lost faith.


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He’s The Old Guy In The Club Wearing A Pair Of Jordans

Mr. Bernie! I feel I must put the Mr. in front of his name as he is the oldest of my favorites. Yes, he is 77-years-old, but he is not going without a fight! He tried in 2016 but lost against Hillary. I personally didn’t think he would live to see another election but here he is on the campaign trail and a lot of young folks love him and what he stands to better. Don’t get it twisted either! He will tell you he isn’t too old for anything real quick! Mr. Bernie wants to battle inequality and is all about restructuring wealth in this country. He has the same supports from his last crack at it and hopefully maybe a few more. He possibly may win this, but he has a lot of new and fresh faces to compete with in 2020.


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Don’t Be Surprised If You Get A FB Friend Request From Him

Cory is not your average 44-year-old man. He once was the mayor of Newark but now holds the senator from New Jersey seat. The way he makes a difference? He uses Facebook to take a stand. Sounds like some one we know but it isn’t. In 2017, Cory streamed himself sitting on the steps outside the U.S. Senate when they were having a senseless debate about the health bill. By the time Cory ended his live stream, a few hundred people were standing outside with him. Cory is big on criminal justice reform much like his opponent, Harris, as well as liberalization of marijuana. My favorite thing about Cory is him wanting to start some type of Nest Egg program for children. Obama supporters love Cory, but so do people on Wall Street. Now that troubles me. He could win, but he must get on improving the black vote.


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He's Young, Hip & Reminds Me Of Obama

I really like Beto as a candidate. He’s the former US Representative from El Paso, Texas so he has political experience (unlike our current president). He has plenty energy in this race, but not many of the “right” people are backing him. I will say he reminds me A LOT of Obama and the former president agrees! I love that he’s a normal guy who is also a people person. He traveled to every single one of the 254 counties in Texas to speak with voters. That means a lot to people. If only Hilary Clinton would have done the same in 2016. While he’s the “cool” guy in the race and is completely against building a wall to keep people from Mexico from coming over, he hasn’t really figured out why he wants to be president yet. I like him but he’s going to have to come harder than that if he wants to run this country. You can watch a video of how he’s navigated through the political battle fields so far.


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Bring Back Biden! He's The Real Rider!

If you don’t know Joe, we have a problem. The former vice president to Barack? I mean they were ride or die! Biden, 76, has wanted to be president since he first ran in the 80s. He understands that “we’re in a battle for the soul of this nation.” This time I think he may do it and even Trump is shaking in his boots. Unlike Mr. Bernie, however, he doesn’t want to be old and end his political career in a defeat. He won’t get another chance after this. Obama followers love him and his support of Barack. His only issue is his tendency to touch too much. Some women have come forth and said it makes them uncomfortable. He’s never been officially accused of sexual assault or sexual harassment but he was apart of the Anita Hill case back in 1991 when she accused her supervisor and U.S. Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas, of sexual harassment where Biden was anything but nice about the situation. Let’s hope America is understanding enough to know who Biden is now verses who some want to make him out to be and that Trump's MAGA country doesn't scare him away.

While, I have my own reason's for liking these seven folks, you have to have your own beliefs and reasoning. Don’t just look at my picks. Here are some of the other folks who are running but the list just keeps on growing:

Marianne Williamson - Author, motivational speaker, and friend to Oprah Winfrey

John Hickenlooper - Former Colorado Governor

Eric Swalwell - California Congressman

Tulsi Gabbard - Hawaii Representative

Andrew Yang - Entrepreneur

Tim Ryan - Ohio Congressman

Richard Ojeda - West Virginia State Senator

Julián Castro - Former Housing and Urban Development Secretary

Personally, it does not matter who you vote for. Just as long as you vote! You have the right to voice what you think. Now use it! Closed mouths don’t get fed! Happy researching!

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