The Day I Was Almost Killed

I was only twenty-five. It was a Friday night in July. I remember it being so hot outside that I had to open all the windows to get a little breeze to circulate through the house.

I hadn’t gone to work that day. I texted my boss to tell him I was not coming in. I hated that job. I can’t remember the excuse I gave but I’m sure it was something ridiculously dramatic like I might have Ebola just to let him know how much I dreaded being his employee. I just had other things to do instead of sitting behind a desk.

I was never into the club scene like most people my age. I was more of a scary movie marathon on the weekend kind of girl. I had seen every thriller dating back to the 70s at least three times and I loved them all! But I could watch them once more. Which is the reason I invited one of the three friends I had over for a fright fest. Iyana was already on her way with the sweet and sour chicken and shrimp fried rice when I finally picked up my phone to see her text.

As I sipped a glass of red wine, I strolled down my Facebook timeline. Most of the people I knew were posting their pregames for the night or some silly post about how they are happy the weekend was here. As I strolled further, I saw it.

Possible serial killer on loose; Louisiana police link 3 murders and 1 missing

I clicked on the article to get more details on what new clues they may have found. My friend and I had been following the story from the beginning. Three different girls had been discovered tied up and dead over the last month with no possible suspects and no witnesses. One girl was currently missing who fit the profile of the others. Even more, all of the girls were close to my age. I wondered if the police really were doing their jobs in finding the killer.

As I thought to myself, I hear a sound. It was coming from the hall closet. I hardly used the storage space so no clothes or boxes were there to fall. I creeped over to twist the handle. My hallway had never seemed so dark. My wine was still sitting tightly in my right hand when I took the other to twist the knob. Slowly, I began to turn it to open the door.


Before I could open the closet, Iyana had popped up behind me. I jumped so quickly in fear, I dropped my wine on the hardwood causing red liquid and glass to go flying.

“What the hell, Iyana! You don’t know how to knock?” I bent over and started picking up the larger pieces of my shattered glass.

Iyana, who mirrored me in height and build, stood there starring, “I would knock if your door was closed. There’s a serial killer out here and you just leaving your door unlocked!” She grinned at me with fake concern.

As I finally got the last big piece, I stood to go to the trash can in the kitchen.

“I’m not scared of no serial killer,” I dropped the broken pieces in the garbage. “What I’m scared of is getting glass in my foot because of you!”

She glanced down to the mess near her feet, “Fine. I’ll clean it up. Where’s your towels? Here?” She looked at the closet door.

“No! They’re in the bathroom!”

She rolled her eyes and walked off to get the cleaning supplies.

After Iyana finished correcting the mess she caused, we sat on the couch to enjoy the takeout she had brought.

I grabbed the remote and turned on my favorite scary movie: Freddy vs. Jason. Both Iyana and I had watched that movie a thousand times but still with each and every viewing it was like a brand new experience.

“You know, if they would just team up and work together they would get a lot more shit accomplished,” I looked over to my friend and said right before taking the last bite of my egg roll.

She laughed “I know right! Two killers like them together would be unstoppable.”

Just then we heard a sound. This time coming from outside in the backyard.

“What was that?” I jumped up. It went silent. All we could hear was a slight blowing of the wind through the window. Then…