There Are Rules In A Nail Salon...Follow Them!

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

There are three things you just don’t mess with: my family, my money, and my nails. I really mean it. I don’t know what it is but I get real salty when it comes to the perfect coffin shape. You mess that up as my nail tech and I’m coming for your throat.

I don’t know if it is because it is one of the few things in this world that makes me feel like a woman, being on active duty for a long time and could only get natural colors or French tip, or if it is because acrylic doesn’t come cheap and a girl can spend a good 100 bucks in a single visit. Whatever it is my nails are important to me. Anyone who is religiously in the salon like me knows exactly how I feel. Those same people also know that there are rules when you walk over that threshold that you must follow. It seems one person missed the memo in one of my recent visits to get my feet and hands pampered.

I love to go to Cirage Nails & Spa on the boarder of Madison and Huntsville. For the class, the uniqueness, and the professionalism (and the wine they serve while you get done up of course). If you ever visit, ask for the owner, Nancy, to hook you up. At no fault of Nancy or the Ciarage crew there was one girl, new to me, who sat right next to me getting serviced from another tech. She had picked out her color and was talking quite loud on her headphones completely disregarding what her tech was asking.

RULE #1: This is a place of business. Don’t come in here loud on your phone wining about your baby daddy and his new girl. I promise you not a single soul in here cares.

Outside of her being rude to every paying customer around her, she kept asking my tech if she can relay a message to her technician slowing my service down. She assumed that Nancy was the only one in there that speaks proper English and she wouldn’t understand what she wanted.

RULE #2: They understand your ignorant tail. They are not idiots. I mean they did start a business that you frequently visit often enough to pay they mortgages so they understand enough to get your money. Stop acting privileged.


Most people smile as they witness the glorious beautification of the nails of the person next to them. Some will even hit you with a smooth “girl that is cute!” But not this one. Instead she asked Nancy for my polish color! Lawd I almost showed all my culture.

RULE #3: There are 672 different polish colors in a salon to include regular, gel, and dip powders (I told you I know my nails) get your own ish.

I’m all for people complimenting my colors and even asking for the polish number. It’s the best form of flattery. Hell, I remembered #664 “Teal Deal” for 3 weeks because I saw someone else getting that color at a visit prior. But what you not gone do is knowingly walk around this city with the same color as me at the same time when you got options. But worst of all is that she didn’t follow the fourth rule.

RULE 4: Don’t ask my nail tech for my color, shape, or rhinestone count… bih ask me!


Yeah I get it. It’s not my polish to begin with but it’s out of respect for the nail polish chooser. I picked that color. I sat in front of that nail polish swing looking thing (okay I don’t know what it’s called) and I decided and planned out outfits and events around that color and you did not. The least you can do is ask me if you can have it and not talk around me.

I know, I know. A little dramatic I get it but I’m a nail diva and it’s the principle.

I was about to be over it, I promise. But then, just as I was about to get up to pay and said I was just gonna let God handle this one, she did it.

“Nancy, let me get some rhinestones just like hers. Yes, same design and same ring finger.”

No this heffa did not just ask for rhinestones…

I just had to leave. I took in a couple deep breaths and got in my car. Next time she may not be as lucky. Count your blessings little lady.