Stay Petty So You Don't Have To Get Petty: Trump Won't Unveil Obama Portrait Breaking Tradition

For decades, the White House has had a tradition for first-term presidents, both Republican and Democratic alike. That president would host a special ceremony to unveil the official portrait of his predecessor in the White House's East Room at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

This 40-year-old tradition could possibility not continue with President Donald Trump as he may not be unveiling any portraits of the 44th president Barack Obama anytime soon as his successor Trump of unspecific crimes during his presidency.

The tradition has been continued from president to president, even when one of them is known for blunt criticism of the other. Former President Barack Obama acknowledged that he and President George W. Bush "may have our differences politically but the presidency transcends those differences,” at Bush's 2012 unveiling of his portrait.

The rocky relationship that Trump and Obama have is no secret but Former President Barack has not allowed their personal feelings towards Donald get in the way of his roles for this country. Obama even wrote Trump a "beautiful" letter and left it in the desk drawer on Donald's Inauguration Day in 2017. Trump on the other hand, has continued to blame Obama for a laundry list of issues to include problems he has faced with COVID-19 pandemic and testing.

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