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I"’m a novelist, blogger, screenwriter and leader with a passion for constructing words to make literary music."

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"Copycat Killer"

Feature Film - Dramatic Thriller

A New Orleans detective trying to manage her withdrawn personality, outside of lustful encounters with the city’s Jessabelles, starts a quest to solve a sequence of Déjà Vu crimes plaguing the Big Easy that may lead her to the resolution of her father's cold case murder.

"Die Alone"

Short - Comedy

A chased woman running for her life soon finds that there are something that are far scarier than the masked man behind her.


Coming Soon

The Lower 9ine - Episodic Series - Drama

Four women from the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans, tired of living in their desperate circumstances, make the decision to start on an unlikely path to not only survive but claim the thrown at the top of the male driven drug empire. 


My Grandmother Is a Serial Killer - Episodic Series - Dramedy

When a woman is forced to clear out the basement of her Alzheimer diagnosed grandmother, she stumbles across a chest of journals riddled with murderous secrets that reveal that the two of them may not be as different as she assumed. 

"The Colorful Conversation" - Mini Series - Informative

The Colorful Conversation series is a collection of fourteen 10 to 15-minute shorts focused on topics that are hardly ever spoken about in the black community due to fear or lack of knowledge. The series provides a way to distribute awareness around sensitive topics like police brutality, homosexuality and molestation in a way that can be viewed by all ages and races alike. Other shorts are written with themes of the positivity of traveling the world and the ability to gain knowledge through a visit to a museum.